Defined is Confined

by Selina Boland

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released August 6, 2011

Selina Boland - vocals, rhythm guitar
Christian Johansen - lead/rhythm guitar, drums, keyboards
Bryan Tucker - bass on “A Man Riding a Donkey”
Robert Ryan - bass on “Hero”, “Blind Guide”, “The Magician's Assistant” , “Fickle Friend”


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Selina Boland St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland’s own Selina Boland is a free-spirited and passionate singer/songwriter guitarist performing poetic and storytelling songs. She describes her music as Folk-Pop with a touch of the Atlantic Ocean Breeze. Her captivating stage presence invites listeners to suspend their realities into her remarkable voice and haunting melodies. ... more

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Track Name: A Man Riding a Donkey
I was a princess crying in a dungeon
Shackles tied to my feet
I feared the dragon and all his allies
He had sent to capture me
I hung my head
Ooh who would rescue me?
Ooh a man riding a donkey
Every night was cold and dark
I couldn’t see a thing at all
Except for a sliver of the crescent moon
That shone through a crack in the wall
And I laid my head there
Ooh who would love me?
Ooh a man riding a donkey
Then one morning I awoke
To the sound of a breaking chain
I peeked through the crack in the wall
At the forest with the narrow lane
And I raised my head
Ooh he came to rescue me
Ooh a man riding a donkey
Ooh he came to love me
Ooh a man riding a donkey.
Track Name: Hero
In my imagination
I find a situation
Where he is surrendering
And we all just start to sing
Hero hero 2x
It keeps coming back to this
Makes me think that we have missed
What he was trying to say
When we took his life away
Hero hero 2x
What are we gonna say
What are we gonna do
When we look into those eyes
What are we gonna pray
Who will we run to
When we look into those eyes
The only thing I conclude
There is nothing to include
Everything was satisfied
On the day that we all cried
He's a hero hero
Yeah he's a hero hero 2x
He's a hero I know I know
That he's a hero hero
Yeah he's a hero hero
He's a hero
Track Name: Blind Guide
You're like a boat that cannot float
You're like a plane that cannot fly
You're like a cloud stuck in the sky
There's more to you than meets the eye
You're a blind guide 2x
You're not just short-sighted You can't see at all
Yeah you trip I fall 4x
You stumble over signs You won't heed his call
Yeah you trip I fall 4x
I'm like a wheel that cannot spin
In this race I cannot win
I'm someone else beneath my skin
If I could see I'd look within but
I'm a blind guide 2x
I'm not just short-sighted I can't see at all!
Yeah I trip you fall 4x
I stumble over signs I won't heed his call
Yeah I trip you fall 4x
Tell me where this grace increased when my walk began
I don't understand
Just who I am and why I'm scared and I'm broken
Complacent where he has spoken
We're not just short-sighted we can't see at all
Yeah we trip we fall 4x
We stumble over signs we won't heed his call
Yeah we trip we fall 4x
Track Name: The Magician's Assistant
I don’t need witches to
Sweep my mind with their brooms
I don’t need wizards’ advice
On how I should live my life
I don’t need fortune tellers
Who predict futures
I’ve already decided who I’m going to be
He’ll cast his magic spell on me
Because I am so sad
I'm sick I'm hungry
I will I will I will be I will be
The magician’s assistant
And no one can stop me now
Have you seen lightning swords
Crumble in his hands
Have you seen waves break
Under his commands?
His dew drops gently upon
A sticky spider’s web
It sparkles and it glistens in the starlight
Track Name: Fickle Friend
It’s 4 am
The phone is ringing
You’re rambling again
Just tell me what you need
I don’t need a fickle friend 2x
When I see you around
You're never alone
I try to talk to you
You smile and look away
I don’t need a fickle friend 2x
I need a friend who will
stick around
He will listen to every sound
Of my heart break when I’m down
He’ll pick me up off the ground
He’ll never leave me
As the seasons change
They remind me of you
Waiting for your hellos
Waiting for your goodbyes
I don’t need a fickle friend 2x